ELAN Jouques is an Employment Purpose Company (EBE) created in 2017 in Jouques (Bouches du Rhône) as part of the zero long-term unemployed territory system.

On the occasion of the finalization of an extension of their new premises in Lign.O modules, carried out by Tecabois, we had the pleasure of meeting Ludwig Rouault, director, to learn more about their activity.

ELAN Jouques in a few words?

The objective of ELAN Jouques is to animate long-term job seekers (+12 months), residents within the territory for more than 6 months and volunteers to promote a local dynamic of services in a sustainable development approach. 

The activities are designed based on the skills of job seekers. Today five families are offered: multi-services, recycling, wood workshop, agricultural work, tourism. An administrative center coordinates the whole.

At the start, 140 job seekers volunteered, 77 of them were hired by ELAN Jouques, thus supported in their return to work, the others having found a job without going through the EBE.

“ELAN Jouques relies on the promotion and development of employees” explains Ludwig Rouault. This is the only French EBE with only one non-contracted employee.

Why choose a timber frame building?

The choice of a timber frame construction seemed obvious. Indeed, “EBEs always try to fit in with sustainable development approaches as much as possible”.

The entire ELAN Jouques team actively participated in the design and fitting out of the new premises. After the finalization of the extension with a laundry and the evolution of the wood workshop and the garage for repairing bicycles, all that remains is to fit out very soon what will be the new store for the resource centre.