The South Region is the second most forested region in France, with 1.63 million hectares of forest, covering 50% of the territory. Today, only 25% of the natural growth of the regional forests is harvested.

Rich in numerous forest species, this resource can be developed within the framework of a reasoned and harmonious sustainable development, guaranteeing a balance between the availability of wood for uses that are part of a virtuous approach to the preservation of capacity.

Part of the forest massif of the Southern Region is geographically integrated on the ‘Massif Alpin’, on which several committed actors of the wood sector have federated by creating in 2011 the association and the label Bois des Alpes™, in order to better valorize the alpine woods and develop their use in the construction projects of the massif. 




Why have a certified label?

Building with wood is good, building with local wood is even better because it contributes concretely to an economic dynamic source of many regional jobs that cannot be relocated.

However, it is still necessary to be able to guarantee the origin of the material, and also ensure that it is produced in an environmentally friendly way. 

For our region, Bois des Alpes™ provides concrete guarantees on the exact origin of the wood, the action for sustainable development, the technical quality, the maintenance of Alpine jobs. 

This label implies being certified, through a certification process verifying compliance with the conditions necessary for end-to-end traceability.

Bois des Alpes™: what are the guarantees?

Choosing Bois des Alpes™ means making the choice:

Of 100% PEFC certified wood, traced, from sustainably managed forests of the French Alps, under forest certification.

Technical wood dried according to the humidity required by the DTU, classified according to their mechanical resistance with CE marking.

Respect for a perimeter of supply and transformation of Bois des Alpes™.

Of companies involved in sustainable development, and PEFC Chain of Custody certified.