To Build the Future:

Discover the Lign.O Solution

Lign.O offers you its unique concept of an open industrial platform to eco-co-design and quickly manufacture in large quantities yours low-carbon construction modules in wood frames and bio-sourced insulation.

They fully meet the requirements of environmental regulations RE2020 and construction standards.

They fit naturally into any sustainable housing project, whether 100% wood frame or hybrid wood and concrete.

    Timber frame modules

    Walls and Facades

Panneau exterieur

Outer panel

Multi-function rigid panel: rain barrier, termite barrier, fire resistance and additional insulation

Reinforced gypsum or high density wood fiber



Solid wood sourced as close as possible in France, with sections of 45/145 mm or 45/220 mm


Insulating From bio-sourced or recycled sources for optimal thermal and acoustic comfort. Wood fiber Cellulose wadding Other bio-sourced insulation on request

Panneau intérieur

Interior panel

Stability veil based on fibers or wood particles


Low carbon


Digital and personalized co-design of your modules


The Lign.O system offers the following advantages:

  • It allows the design and construction of buildings with thermal and environmental performance at the highest levels of RE 2020
  • It aims for a zero carbon footprint by choosing materials that are bio-sourced and local or from the circular economy
  • It is produced quickly on an automated production line under quality control
  • It reduces construction time and cost
  • It reduces transportation on site and facilitates access to difficult sites
  • It offers a simplified and fast assembly avoiding the impact of nuisances on the building site

         The different module sizes

    Lign.O allows you to eco-design your ‘2D’ modules of different sizes, according to a Dfma approach – Design for manufacturing and assembly.
    The modularity of the sizes offers a great creative flexibility and freedom for the architects.
    In addition, if needed for a project, a small quantity of custom sized modules can be produced.

    Panneau bois Lign.o

         Solution flyer

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    Made in the South of France with French wood and bio-sourced insulation.

         Characteristics of the modules

    Renovations and new constructions

    At Lign.O, we fully believe in a regional approach to construction.

    We make our open industrial platform available to all renovation and new construction projects in the Southern Region.

    Our modular and off-site construction technique allows us to address all markets, from individual or grouped housing, to collective housing, to public and private tertiary markets, for a sustainable, comfortable, quality habitat.