Low carbon
building system for
sustainable cities

The Lign.O system

Lign.O has developed a 2D modular construction system for bio-sourced wood frame buildings prefabricated in the factory and assembled on site. Lign.O uses a digital engineering system that translates drawings into manufacturing and assembly instructions on site.

Low-carbon constructions of tomorrow

By focusing on regional scales, industrial prefabrication of timber frame constructions, and logistics optimization, Lign.O is an innovative player in low carbon construction

Building with Lign.O means:

Low energy consumption

Optimized logistic

Fast and efficient

For who: all those involved in construction

By focusing on the origin of materials, eco-design, industrial prefabrication of easy-to-assemble elements, and on site logistics optimization, Lign.O, through its constructive solutions and its multi-sided platform model, promotes alignment of players throughout the value chain for low-carbon constructions.

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