Why Lign.O?

An open low-carbon, bio-based and local construction solution

Lign.O is a 2D Modular off-site construction player in the South Region. Lign.O offers an industrialized system of wood construction solutions from regional materials.

A range of 2D modular components

The granularity of the modules allows great architectural freedom to meet the unique needs of each project.

Modules de Mur

Modules de Plafond ou plancher

Modules de Mur avec menuiseries

For all types of construction
and renovation projects

Residential buildings:
Individual or collective dwellings up to R + 2, senior residences, eco-districts

Business buildings:
Offices / business premises, schools, nurseries, nursing homes, care centers

Wooden walls known as “curtain walls”:
For tertiary buildings, with concrete frames, or for energy renovations of any type of construction


The Lign.O system uses

  • Wood structural components from local forests
  • Insulators and bio-based and responsible materials

It complies with DTU 31.2 timber construction standards. It is based on the Dfma (Design for manufacturing and assembly) approach or design for manufacturing and assembly.

Lign.O uses a digital engineering system that translates drawings into manufacturing instructions and then assembly on site.


The Lign.O system offers the following advantages

  • It aims for a carbon footprint O by choosing biobased and local materials or from the circular economy
  • It allows architectural freedom to meet various design needs
  • It reduces construction time promotes cost predictability
  • It reduces the number of transport on site
  • It offers a simplified and quick assembly avoiding the impact of nuisances on the site